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Political No Call List

Thursday, September 18, 2008

(McCook Daily Gazette (NE))

Dear Editor,

The Sept. 16 story about robocalls and the candidate apology was well-timed. The general election is in full swing in Nebraska and voters can expect to be bombarded with political robocalls.

I started a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization last year to combat intrusive robocalls by using a voluntary, private-sector solution, the Political Do Not Contact Registry.

It's similar to the federal Do Not Call list and it requires politicians who will honor the wishes of voters who'd rather not endure the endless, robotic, political phone calls during campaign season.

Reps Virginia Foxx (R, NC) and Nancy Boyda (D, KS) were the first to sign our pledge and we now have six state and national politicians who have signed a no-robocall pledge along with a leading robo calling firm that agreed to not call voters on our list.

Nebraska Voters' phones will soon be ringing off the hook. Fed-up voters can visit our web site at StopPoliticalCalls.org and add their names to our free Do Not Call registry.

It's time we give the political dialogue back to average, concerned citizens.

Shaun Dakin

Founder and CEO

National Political Do Not Contact Registry

Washington, D.C.

Report a Political Phone Call you received

If you have received an unwanted political phone call, simply use our Form to hold our elected officials accountable by reporting unwanted political calls.

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